For the past three years, my friend Teeka Tiwari and I have been shouting from the rooftops that, “Wall Street is coming!”

That included a lot of statements and predictions like…

“Once Wall Street gets into crypto, the price of Bitcoin will sky-rocket…”

“Once Wall Street gets institutional custody approved, Bitcoin will sky-rocket…”

“Once Wall Street gets banking approval, Bitcoin will sky-rocket…”

But most people don’t have the patience for these kinds of predictions to happen. They want to see things take place tomorrow, and when that doesn’t happen, they lose sight of the prize.

Well it’s been three years, and as you’re about to see, Wall Street isn’t coming…

Wall Street is officially HERE.

JP Morgan has gone from… 


To this in 2020…


In fact, they even launched their own crypto-asset this year, “JP Morgan Coin”… 

Other banks and even government central banks are developing their own digital currencies as well.

“Won’t that affect Bitcoin?”


Bitcoin is replacing gold. It is scarce and borderless, which is why it’s increasing in value so quickly.

These bank and government owned coins will simply replace paper dollars, and still contain the short-comings of existing fiat currencies… Namely, the fact that they can create as many of these digital dollars as they want, whenever they want. 

Next, we needed the government to approve crypto-asset custody laws and approve providers…

That has been done.

Several of the largest US based exchanges including CoinBase, and Gemini, now offer federally approved and insured custody services.


And in some of the biggest news this year, the OCC, or the Office of the Comptroller of The Currency, approved Federal Banks to provide custody of crypto assets… 


And US-based exchange, Kraken, was awarded with the country’s first US Banking charter in Wyoming… 


So Wall Street has just stepped onto the playing field, and with the legal approvals that have come with it, public-facing service providers have opened the flood-gates to retail investors…

Square’s Cash App has 30 million active monthly users.

During the bear market in 2018, Square launched the ability to buy Bitcoin directly within the app. 

As of Q3, 2020, Bitcoin purchase fees alone resulted in $1.6 BILLION in revenue for Square. (That’s just 3 months!)

And it represents 80% of the company’s total revenue that quarter!


PayPal has seen the writing on the wall, and they’ve jumped in as well…


They’re even going to allow customers to buy good and services with Bitcoin as a checkout option. 

So if you currently offer PayPal as a payment method online, you’ll now be able to accept Bitcoin.

It should also be noted that PayPal is 11X larger than Square with over 346 million global users, and that PayPal owns Venmo, which means Venmo will be next.

It’s important to understand that all of these ground-breaking headlines and updates that have taken place since the last bull market in 2017, have just been about the US market.

This kind of acceptance and adoption is taking place all over the world. 

It’s also extremely important to note that In 2017, it was HARD to buy Bitcoin and crypto.

You had to open an account on CoinBase or Kraken, submit your personal identification documents, submit your banking information, and then wire funds once your account was approved.

During the busiest months leading up to the top of the bull market in 2017, it could literally take WEEKS to open an account and get approved.

In 2017, Coinbase had 5 million customers.

Today, they have more than 30 million.

By the time this next bull market is over, they will have over 100 million.

This time is different because now it’s EASY to buy Bitcoin.

You can open up the Cash App and buy it with 3 clicks on your phone.

You’ll be able to do the same with PayPal.

When Bitcoin breaks its previous high of $20,000 and hits the headlines, hundreds of millions of people around the world will pull out their phones, and buy some.

So this bull market will be very different, and it will be the LAST big chance you have for a life-changing ROI for five primary reasons… 

1: Wall Street money will be participating this time, and there’s only one chance to beat them to the starting line.   

2: There are now easy and legal on-ramps to buy crypto that didn’t exist in 2017.

3: The number of active users currently buying and trading crypto assets is already 10X larger than last time, and the general public is still sitting on the sidelines. 

4: The previous three trends are all happening globally. 

5: Like the US, many countries are stimulating their fiat currencies into worthless paper. 

The moment we’ve been talking about for the past three years is HERE.

It’s all happened.

But if you think the gains in Bitcoin will be big, just wait until you see what happens with a few alt-coins like Ethereum…

We’ll discuss that tomorrow. 

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