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Mike Dillard Mentoring Reviews:

“If there's one person I know I can get the right information from and move forward and create momentum, It's Mike!”​

“2 years after receiving Mike’s mentorship, I was able to quit my job as an engineer and I created a company that has produced over $20 million in gross income.”

“If you want to change your life or change your results in business, then there’s nobody else I can think of that will help you more so, than Mike Dillard.”​

“My name is Steven Bransfield and I’m 22 years old. In January I found Mike Dillard Mentoring and it changed my life forever. I didn’t know anything about internet marketing back then but you opened up my mind to the possibilities of selling products online.

At the time I was a sophomore in college and it was around then when you posted an ad looking for the ultimate “rockstar” assistant which I applied for.

I knew that if I wanted to become successful I needed to find a mentor, someone like yourself, to help me fast track my success.

Unfortunately I was not accepted for the role. However, it did lead me down a new path that changed my life forever…

I started my own business, and in less than two years, I just had my first $100,000 month. This is a huge achievement for me and I wanted to personally email you to thank you for getting me started in the world of online marketing.

Mike Dillard Mentoring changed the course of my life forever and this year as a result I will go on to earn my first million dollars at just 22 years old.

Thank you so much for all the information you’ve provided to me & I look forward to meeting you someday. Much thanks!”

 – Steven Bransfield

“Loving it brother… You’ve been a tremendous help to me over the years… Much gratitude… I’m excited to see where this chapter will take you! My advice to every one on here… Follow, subscribe, listen to the podcast and buy whatever Mike is selling… I’ve made my living online for the past 4 or 5 years now and Mike Dillard was the one who taught me how to do it… I’ve found several mentors over the past few years but I still watch/read/listen to everything that he puts out and always will… I wish you all success!”

– Cory Suggs

“Mike Dillard you have given me the biggest AH-HA moment of my life!! Pandora’s box was opened and I jumped up outta my sleep today…”

– Ashley Jackson

“What an amazing and humbling opportunity your mentoring group is! just joined two days ago and have learned more in these past two days than l have in the last two years!

I already have three notebooks full of the best tips, strategies and advice. Mike, I have been studying you for the last three years, and you need to know that this Mentoring program has been the best opportunity of yours for me personally. Thank you for over delivering as you always do!”

– Bradley Chase

“Mike Dillard is a genius when it comes business, period. Everything he touches turns to gold. Mike can analyze any business model in any niche and increase it’s profitability by a factor of 10x. In fact, I built an 8-Figure business following his trainings, philosophies, and principles.”

– Brian Fanale

“Mike has unequivocally changed my business and my life. By following Mike’s insights and advice, my business has grown from just a few hundred dollars per moth in revenue, into a 7 figure online business today!

I strongly recommend you follow whatever Mike tells you to do!”

– Curt Maly

“WWWwOOOOWWW!!!!!! Your training was nothing less than AMAZING Mike… And to think, it only get’s better from here!!!”

– Jeremy Barnes

“I was a litte apprehensive joining this group since I’d never heard of Mike Dillard, but I thought I could at least try it out and see if it applies. I am blown away by how much value and relevant content there is for me personally. I have been in full beast mode in the last 7 days and have acquired some insane contracts that happened to come out of nowhere. Thank you for providing this place and cultivating a group of dreamers and schemers to succeed!!”

– Judy Thureson

Hi Mike Dillard,

“I just want to say THANK YOU for all the no nonsense lessons  that you’re sharing to us. I’m proud to say that being a part of your mentoring group has been one of best investments I had ever in my business.”

– Mark Nemuel Argullo

“I just completed the first “Hangout” with you Mike. Wow, I can already tell this is going to be my #bestyearever Thanks Mike  for being an incredible leader in the industry, So excited for what is to come!”

– Mark Rojas

“Mike has been mentoring me in the entrepreneur space since 2010 and he’s become a dear friend and client as well, Mike is a lid lifter and paradigm shifter Mike has helped me rewire my beliefs and emotions when it comes to success, abundance, money, and being a conscious entrepreneur. When first met Mike I was starting over as an entrepreneur in the Real Estate space hungry and humbled. I could hardly pay my bills and one point almost lost my house to foreclosure fast forward to today.

I just had my first month where I profited six figures which had been a big goal for me, made the elite 10 of top performing real estate agents in my firm which has offices in South lake, Plano, Denver, & Tulsa, in talks to have my own realty tv show around real estate, and working on a $140mil luxury real estate project. l also just picked up my dream car a Shelby Cobra which was a bucket list of mine for a while, have prosperity to invest in cash flow real estate and money left over to pursue my passions within fitness and travel. My life is commpletely 180 degrees different with Mike’s mentorship and coaching. Work with Mike – it wil be one of the most profound life changing experiences you could ever make!”

– Matthew Layman

“Hey Mike, I just wanted to let you know that after reading “How To Come Up with A Milion-Dollar Business Idea In Less Than 10 Minutes…”, I decided to put together a social media traffic consulting package to offer to small businesses.

I closed my first client last week, and she is already referring new business! It things keep moving this way, I’ll be free from my current job waiting tables in no time! Thanks Again!”

– Sebastian Assaf

“Mike has helped me scale my business from $100,000 per month in revenue, to over $300,000 per month in revenue, and built a growing global team in less than 12 months… He’s the real deal. Study anything you can get your hands on from him.”

– Shaqir Hussyin

“Brilliant…Prophetic..Bold! That Just about sums up everything Mike Dillard puts out. Whether the topic is business, finance investing or the economy, you’ll find a fresh (and often controversial) perspective that can dramatically shift your thinking and how you approach succes and wealth creation.”

– Tim Erway

“Mike has a facility for making difficult financial concepts come to life in a simple, practical way. He lives this concepts and passes them on in easy-to-understand stories about how he uses them to better his ow life.”

– Tom Wheelwright, CPA

“Unbelievable training Mike, thank you. I like the integrity part. I believe in integrity so much that is why I followed you for so many years. Thank you again.”

– Zofia Mazur

“This is freakin amazing, Mike Dillard over delivering on the value as usual, I usual don’t read entire post when they are long like this one but I read this TWICE and I will probably read it again another two or three times lol. The term distribution channel is one that I will be using to teach my team form now on. Thank Mike D!”

– Show Value Marketing

Mike Dillard Podcast Reviews:

Riveting and engaging….actionable content!! 

by Sharief H from United States

Mike Dillard is a fantastic host and is so genuine and down to earth yet he is able to pull in the most amazing guests do to his personal success as a very well know and respected entrepreneur. Mike does not hold back…. he is an open book. Subscribe and Enjoy!!!

The Only One I Listen To. 

by leonidas2019 from United Kingdom

the best out there Thanks Mike, Great information.

Always solid content

by Javabob77 from United States

I appreciate the professionalism and depth of content might put up every episode. I am very selective on the podcast I listen to but The Mike Dillard Podcast is a must on my weekly listening schedule.

Top 1% of All Podcasts

by J. Barshop from United States

Mike and his guests give listeners an unfair advantage when it comes to creating the business and life of their dreams. I feel completely at home here – bowled over by brilliant advice and nourishing conversations. The Mike Dillard Podcast is a must listen for anyone interested in exploring their own personal and professional evolution & development – highly recommend listening and subscribing!


by G.Forward from United Kingdom

This podcast is definitely the best for entrepreneurial spirit. I listen to 1 of these every morning on the way into the office to get some new ideas & inspiration for the soul! The calibre of the guests and they’re stories is on another level. Keep up the good work mike ????

Follow the modeling advice of The Mike Dillard Podcast 

by PhotoReader Tom from United States

Mike has assembled what every person on this planet who wants to succeed needs… a collection of interviews (also known as case studies of success) by successful people who are willing to share their wisdom, insights, patterns of behavior and models of success with us! Who else has been able to do that at this level, and with this quality of role models? Thank you, Mike, for setting the example and ‘attracting’ the best role models of success for us!

Mike gets it

by 918Mack from United States

I’ve been listening to The Mike Dillard Podcast for over a year now and put very simply, Mike gets it! So many podcasts are full of the host being the majority of the voice you hear. What Mike does is he asks detailed questions and gets out of the way. Mike gives his guests a chance to answer the questions in a non-leading way so that you get the purest answer available. I love The Mike Dillard Podcast and hope that Mike doesn’t change a thing. It’s really good work.

Thank You

by Tom Shallue from United States

Thanks for this podcast Mike. Definitely one of my top three. Clear, concise and great topics. Every episode gives me a little light bulb moment.


by Boofrazier from United States

Been a fan of Mike for a long time. Amazing podcast with amazing guests. I love how every episode gives me practical things I can do for my online business right now.

If you want real, actionable info – LISTEN!

by GRAMiety from United States

Once again I find myself listening to an episode, taking notes, sending the podcast out to my team saying “this is a must listen.” We are in the social media marketing space and run a monthly subscription model. I’ve learned more listening to these podcasts than anywhere else + every listen always sparks a new idea. I’m looking forward to the next one!

Embrace the change!

by Darrell Ritchie from United States

Another great podcast! Joe Schriefer delivers incredible value. Take 50 mins and listen to this now. You will learn many things which can increase your revenue.

Wakeup call!

by Press400 from United States

Wake up call on this one – OWN YOUR CUSTOMER DATA! Listen to the podcast for more info…

My first podcast changed my perspective

by Elevate Supps from United States

This was the first podcast I EVER listened to. I had a 3 hour commute every Monday and Friday and needless to say getting tired on the road was inevitable. I decided to turn to a different form of audio intake because even the loudest music wouldn’t keep me awake. I discovered The Mike Dillard Podcast and it became hooked. I literally was listening to a new episode every single day, sometimes two or three. Listening to people’s success stories and their journey of how they got there is beyond exciting and inspiring. Since SMM I have subscribed to several other self development type podcasts and it has just completely changed me. Thank you Mike Dillard!!

Very Revealing

by Techology2010 from United Kingdom

Just heard Joe Schriefer’s podcast on The Mike Dillard Podcast (thanks Mike Dillard for hosting these amazing interviews), and it was worth every minute.

Great content!

by Player143ohsnap from United States

By far the best content I’ve listened to. In his interviews he steers the conversations to answer those questions I’m thinking before I have a chance to ask. I love this podcast and will subscribe soon to support it

An absolute delight

by Saoirse Sky from Philippines

This podcast is lives up to my favorite quote: “If you want to change the world, start with changing yourself.”

Absolutely Phenomenal!

by thederektaylor from United States

I’ve been learning from Mike for several years now. He is hands-down the most incredible mentor and he has genuinely transformed my life. As he will tell you many times, there are only two ways to change your life: through new information or meeting new people. Mike delivers both of those and offers tremendous value. It’s a shame iTunes limits me to five stars, as he truly deserves ten.

Greatest podcast ever

by Utsuk Sharma from United States

The questions you ask and the absolute avalanche of information that one gets listening to even a single one of your episodes is mind blowing You create such a zone where The Mike Dillard Podcast you are interviewing is willing to divulge so many strategies and business models that they are much better than anything even an Ivy League can offer I am so grateful Mike, I cannot express any more of my appreciation without swearing.


by Hhdxvhf from Australia

You need this man

Great show

by •jR-007thats me from United States

This show is amazing, for all those that are looking for wisdom in how to be an entrepreneur guys you better check it out…

List-Grow Reviews:

“I've been through other programs where I had so many questions, but Mike does such a great job of making everything crystal clear.”

“2 years after receiving Mike’s mentorship, I was able to quit my job as an engineer and I created a company that has produced over $20 million in gross income.”

“If you want to change your life or change your results in business, then there’s nobody else I can think of that will help you more so, than Mike Dillard.”

“Hey Mike, I just thought I would drop you a quick note. I’ve been following along with your emails for a couple of years, and just wanted to let you know that you’ve had a big impact on my life, and I’m sure you’ve had no idea! I think we’re one of the pictures of happy families hanging on your wall… Haha!

Anyhow, in early 2017 I was searching for a way to take my wife’s successful blog and expand it into a course to teach other bloggers. I was in real estate for 10+ years, owned our own brokerage and was burnt out. So
I decided to get out and focus all my efforts on growing my wife’s business.

I stumbled upon your webinar from a Facebook ad about building your email list and something just clicked for me. Your concept of building your list by generating income to offset the list building was genius. I took the
idea, ran with it, and in our second year (2018) we did about $2.4 Million in revenue through a combination of affiliate income and our own online courses that we developed.

I spent about $1,000,000 last year on Facebook ads and the affiliate income that we generate on the top of the funnel covers the list building.

We now have an email list of over 250,000 people, a Facebook group of 130,000 and more as a result of the list building efforts. We’re scaling further this year, and without watching your webinar that day, who knows if I would ever have ever figured that out on my own.

Not to mention all of the people we’ve helped get started with their own new blogs and online businesses as a result.

Just wanted to say THANKS!”

– Pete Reese

“Hello, I recently completed the List Grow Completion Challenge in June and am submitting a long overdue testimonial…

It’s impossible to put into words what Mike Dillard’s List Grow program has done for my business. I started off with a vague concept, and a lot of open-ended ideas for Teach Different, Inc. then came across List Grow from a Facebook Ad.

I signed up for List Grow thinking I was going to realize later that it was a mistake to trust a total stranger with my money. Well I can honestly say that List Grow completely transformed the trajectory of my business.

This is a guy who follows through on promises and cares about your success.

I am forever indebted to Mike and this program and recently joined his Mike Dillard Mentoring Program to stay connected to a great entrepreneur. Thank you, Mike!”

– Steve Fouts

“I have bought a few courses about digital marketing and how to launch a business, but I never had an experience close to the one that I had with Mike.

Since the beginning, I had the impression that he cares about the success of his students, and every little detail on how the course is delivered confirmed it.

He offers very clear lessons, (even for a non-native English speaker like myself), step-by-step guides on how to set up even the smallest details, and invaluable swipe files that come with all of the instructions on how to personalize them.

Their super support team has always promptly answered all of my questions very kindly.

I highly recommend his List-Grow course to anybody willing to receive great value and learn how to set up a marketing system able to convert targeted traffic into customers.

Thank you very much!”

– Marco Ciofetta

“Mike’s List Grow program was just the kick in the pants I needed! This program has set me up with a DONE funnel that will help me launch my product in the coming months! It’s the game changer that I have been looking for!

Thanks, Mike!”

– Donna Park

“Mike taught me in List-Grow is what a funnel was, and then he showed me how to create an offer that will be able to fund itself on a Facebook advertising campaign. The value of this program cannot be overstated for anyone coming in without a clue but with a desire.

I knew money could be made online but I had no idea how I could approach it.

There are many excellent teachers to help with this, but hands down, Mike is the best for every new kid on the block. He really breaks down the ‘how-to’ and never once have his students felt like they are looked down upon.

Mike applauds every achievement as it is made. Because of Mike and List-Grow, I have a funnel that I proudly built myself. I am grateful for his work and his courses!”

– Tanya Smith

“Thank you so much Mike, for all you’ve done with List-Grow! I would’ve never gotten my webinar written without this course! It was so helpful to have step-by-step direction, and not feel confused about how to implement everything I learned.

Most of all, thank you for your incredibly generous “Completion Challenge”. I’ve never seen anyone do that before, and to be honest, I was still a little nervous wondering if it was legitimate; until I saw the deposit in my bank account.

I’m very grateful for all the work you put into the course. It is amazing to have the ability to have a mentor like you online through the power of technology.

And to anyone thinking about buying the course, do it! Invest in yourself through this course. You won’t be sorry!

Thanks again, Mike!”

– Danielle Christine

“Learning under Mike’s training has been life-changing for me. I have gained new skill sets that I use in every business venture, and in the advice I give. I constantly boast about the knowledge I’ve gained through Mike’s List-Grow training.

I also encourage everyone to dive in and take the plunge in taking control over their lives by learning these skill sets that Mike shares.”

– Eddie Bibbs

“Hello, I’m not really sure where to start when it comes to talking about Mike Dillard and his List Grow course, but the words that do come to mind are EXTREMELY AMAZING!

This course was beyond what I had expected it to be. I have learned so much from this course and I have acquired a new skill-set to add to my arsenal just by watching what Mike did in this step-by-step course.

What I learned here can definitely be learned through trial and error, but what I was able to learn in 1 month with Mike are things that could have easily taken me 2 years to learn on my own!

There’s a lot more I can say about this course but the last thing I want to address to people who are on the fence about it is to just do it. The cost of this course will literally save you years of struggle and you will definitely make your money back in no time if you just listen, take note and, implement!

This course and Mike have definitely changed my life. I am beyond grateful, thank you Mike!”

– Krystian Streit

“The value you get out of Mike Dillard’s List Grow course is worth more than what he charges for it.

Mike goes through everything in detail, step-by-step procedure on how you can get up and running with a functional sales funnel that you can use to start building up your email list and your brand. It’s almost like looking over his shoulder as he works and you just follow along and implement exactly as he shows. He provides so much material and knowledge.

If you are new or trying to build your business or your email list and are stuck, then this is the course for you. Don’t hesitate on this one. Even if you think you already have a good sales funnel, you still cannot go wrong by taking his List Grow course. The knowledge and information he provides are very valuable.

If you are looking for a “guru” to waste your money on, go find someone else. But if you are looking for a real, genuine, and down-to-earth person who really knows his job, then Mike Dillard is your man!
He will help you every step of the way. Great man and great course! I can’t thank him enough.”

– Albert Hernandez

“Hello Mike, I wanted to drop you a quick note saying thank you. My store opened yesterday and in part, I have you to thank.

List Grow was the first thing I invested in for myself & for my business. In your course, I found confidence in myself and it propelled me to be serious about starting and running my business.

My first product took a years’ worth of hard work but it is here!!! The membership side of things is set up but I am waiting to launch it once I get my product launched.

Thank you for your top-notch course and for being the catalyst to my business being launched!”

– April Schwarz

“Hello Mike, first of all, I want to thank you for all the value you have added to my life and my business.

I have been following your work since Magnetic Sponsoring which actually was my first paid course ever. I also follow your podcast and I became an early member of Mike Dillard Mentoring. In my opinion, the quality of the content inside your products is way undervalued.

I also want to let you know that I have successfully completed my first sales funnel by following the lessons on List Grow. This is super exciting for me! It took me many hours of hard work and dedication.

For example, I had to write the script of my VSL many times before I was comfortable with the final draft.

Regarding the content of my product, I decided to copy your List Grow model by creating a 4-Module Interactive/Informative Course with a Resource Area. I love the sequence of this model and how easy it is to follow.

The complete course consist of over 20 Video Lessons (obviously, hosted on Wistia) with interactive components so that customers can follow a step-by-step process. It also provides access to over 20 additional resources of related information and applicable tools.

By this time List Grow had already paid for itself because it provided me with the tools and knowledge to create professional and valuable content.

Then there were the funnels. If it wasn’t for your step-by-step teaching model, I would have never been able to create a sales funnel for myself. I would have to invest thousands of dollars to hire a “pro” (or many) and in the end, the final product probably would have been different from what I envisioned.

List Grow gave me control over many areas of my business, but the best part of List Grow is that I’m helping some of my loved ones to polish their projects. These are truly life-changing lessons.

Now it’s just the beginning. My expectations are not to become financially free from this product for a moment, which would be very naive on my part. I created this product (in my spare time) to share my knowledge and eventually expand and diversify my income streams. Now that finally my product is live, I am investing in marketing education and “funnelogy” to enhance my customers’ experience and sales efficiency.

Though this process might take some additional time, money and some trials and errors, I’m looking at the long term vision and sustainability of my product/brand. In that regard, I have to give you props for the value I have found on the Mike Dillard Mentoring lessons. For example, thanks to Andy Frisella’s lesson, I was able to understand the importance of mixing the online world with the physical world. After watching that lesson, I decided to add physical rewards to my product which includes an apparel item.

I could keep pointing out the benefits of Mike Dillard Mentoring but it would take me hours to compose them all. Long story, short. List Grow helped me create my first intellectual product and gave me to tools to sell it efficiently. Mike Dillard Mentoring is helping me understand the whole picture.

Isn’t it crazy how a total stranger can influence and enhance your vision? My family and I will be forever grateful with the value you have brought to our lives.”

– Miguel Feliciano

7-Figure Sales Presentations Reviews:

“I did over $5 million in sales in my first two years as a marketer, thanks to Seven Figure Sales Presentation."

“Mike Speaks from experience and has actually done everything he's teaching you how to do. I cannot recommend Mike's courses enough!”

“I followed Mike's step by step instructions, and he takes you from start to finish to create an awesome sales presentation. "

“For over a year, I have tried different approaches to launch my online program that helps families through the college admissions process. I was close to giving up when I stumbled upon Mike Dillard’s 7-Figure Sales Presentations.

After diligently following the step-by-step 7FSP, we successfully relaunched, and we now regularly welcome new families into our community.”

– Jeb White

“I vividly remember the day I launched my first online product. I had spent the better part of a year pouring my blood, sweat, and tears into creating an 8 week online video course.

I was so convinced my launch would be successful that I told all my friends I was just days away from being a millionaire. I guess you could say I was quickly humbled – because that’s not at all what happened.

I ended up selling a grand total of 7 people during that launch! I had worked an entire year to only make a few thousand dollars online. Ugh.

The experience was by far the lowest point in my journey. In fact, I refunded every customer and decided to start over from scratch.

I learned that creating a great product is not the same as knowing how to sell it effectively.

So I decided to dust myself off and spend an additional six months studying all the marketing greats that I could find online.

And while I learned a lot in the process, I ended up purchasing just one product to implement my new plan, and that was “7-Figure Sales Presentations”.
After implementing what Mike teaches in his program, my launch failure soon became a massive hit product.

In the last 12 months I’ve sold over $4.5 million of my course and now I’m well on my way to crushing eight figures for my brand.

Do what I did and invest in yourself. Learn from the best and get what you’re after – faster, by following someone who’s done what you’re aiming to achieve.

Thank you, Mike, for putting together a NO BS master class on how to sell online!
Because of you I’ve been able to inspire others just as you’ve inspired me to achieve massive success.”

– Brian Page
Creator of the BNB Formula

“I just finished building my first 7-Figure Sales Presentation, and have made $44,278 within the first WEEK of running it!!! Mike, I cannot thank you enough for how amazing this product is!!

Step-by-step, and screen capture by screen capture, you show every detail and make it so easy and actionable!! I have purchased several of Mike’s courses and they always
deliver every single time. THANK YOU!!”

– Davina Detrik

“Mike, I am so glad I found your 7-Figure Sales Presentations course! It really helped me to take the knowledge I had and turn it into a program that will allow me help many more people.

With your guidance, I moved from just thinking about it (paralysis by analysis) to actually creating it. The tips and structure you provided were invaluable!”

– Desmond Ebanks, MD

“I have been following Mike’s work for a long time and am his wholehearted fan, student, and a repeat customer.

His business and work ethics with over-delivery at every step are a direct reflection of his ever raising standards, genuine kindness, and integrity I am witnessing for years (which pertains to his whole team as well).

It was incredibly awesome to receive today the confirmation that my submission was accepted as a successful completion of the 7FSP challenge.

It felt like finally placing a cherry on top of a long coming cake of copywriting confidence and treating myself with a tasty slice at the same time.

While working through the course, I started applying what I learned to my classes, workshops, clients and mastermind group conversations.

Immediate positive response and feedback from my students and clients asking for more classes and opportunities to work with me showed me first hand its’ power to deliver the value, deeply connect, and highly impact
those I talk with, teach and coach.

Now, onward and upward to applying it in my business and daily life even more and better.

The ROI on this course and skill is simply immeasurable already. Thank you Mike, for creating it, thank you for who you are and all you do.”

Biljana Karamehmedovic

“I’ve been an online multimillionaire for 18 years and a copywriting expert for longer than that. I got some great new ideas from Mike’s course that I immediately implemented in a webinar for my licensed distance learning school which I’m sure will pay off handsomely.

The course is extremely thorough and I can tell you I’m not easily impressed after seeing courses that cost 5 times as much that were garbage. I’m certain you will benefit immensely by taking Mike Dillard’s 7FSP course!”

– Tom Antion

“Mike Dillard’s 7FSP course is phenomenal! The initial webinar was outstanding and truthfully, I thought how much more can he provide…Well…ALOT more.

Mike provided a step-by-step program that was detailed along with examples on how to implement the training for yourself.

I loved how everything was laid out so well and made sense to transition to the next step. I was able to finish the Completion Challenge and received a full refund for my training.

Frankly, if I wouldn’t have received the refund, I would not have minded At all because everything in the course was extremely valuable information that anyone who is in marketing should know.

It has provided me with so much information that I am excited to create more presentations myself.”

– Carey Siebert

“I am no stranger to internet business courses and all the “experts” available online to teach you the various ins and outs of running a successful online business. But I had reached a point in my business development where I was stuck. I had a product and a platform, but I was missing the critical piece of how to persuasively sell my product.

I needed the right structure and delivery of my message in order to turn prospects on my website into buyers. With cosmically perfect timing, I received an email from Mike Dillard for his 7-Figure Sales Presentation (7FSP) course, promising to deliver EXACTLY what I was searching for: *how to create a phenomenally persuasive sales video that converts at scale.* This new Mike Dillard course appeared right when I needed it most, and BOY did it deliver.

I have purchased Mike’s content in the past, so I was familiar with the quality he usually includes in his courses, but 7FSP blew me away with how much high-quality jam-packed content was included. I only had the expectation of learning enough to help me solve my sales video problem, but I learned SO MUCH more.

From sales psychology, script writing for videos, webinars, upsells and downsells and with a treasure trove of real-world tested ‘swipeable’ examples, I was able to rapidly develop and deploy a high-quality sales video that GOT. ME. RESULTS. I couldn’t be more happy with Mike Dillard’s 7FSP course and would instantly recommend it to not only friends, but anyone who needs help learning how to craft persuasive messages.

You don’t need luck if you have Mike in your corner!”

– Joe Wilson.

“Dear Mike,

I can’t thank you enough for the incredibly valuable content you provided in your 7FSP course. The process and script you use to produce your sales videos was fantastic, and I used two variations in my company’s retail website.

Our private platforms sold about 75,000 of our courses nationwide last year but our retail sales were lagging. Since we launched with the new videos and copy inspired by you, I’m please to say our retail sales are up 250% compared to this time last year!

I’ve been a paying customer of yours from EVG, MD Mentoring, and 7FSP and I’m sure I’ll be a customer for life.

I’d also like to add that I truly appreciate the honesty and strength of character that’s evident in everything you do.

It seems too many folks don’t care enough about those things these days but it matters to me, and obviously also to you.

I’m grateful for your teaching and I wish you great success in all you do.”

Best Regards,
Dev Mishra

“I very much enjoyed the 7-Figure Sales Presentations course. It was well laid out, easy to use and I found it very helpful in prodding me during the writing process.

I am still using the course now to help with a Facebook ad campaign. I have
recommended this course to others and will continue to do so.

Lastly, it might interest others to know that I have been in business for myself for 40+ years, so I am not a newbie, right? Yet, I was still able to learn a “new trick!” People ask me how old I am and I reply “half way.” So, the good news is that I will be able to use Mike’s lessons for a long time, yet.

Take care and best to you all.”

– Steve Gillette

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