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Members Have To Say…

“I love Richer Every Day… Don’t know why I didn’t hear about this before!”

Cole Gordon, 8-Figure business owner. 

“Richer Every Day over delivers! I can’t give a more positive recommendation for anyone who’s looking to change their relationship with money and start building true passive income…”

Joel Erway, 8-Figure business owner. 

“Mike, Richer Every Day turned me into a crypto millionaire! Thank you from the bottom of my heart because this has changed my life in more ways than you know…”

Akshay Nanavati, Arctic Explorer and public speaker.

“I can say with confidence that Richer Every Day is the most valuable investment you can make in yourself. If creating long term, generational wealth is important to you, getting Richer Every Day is a no-brainer…”

Tim Erway, 8 figure business owner. .

“Richer Every Day is absolutely awesome! You owe it to yourself to invest in yourself and Richer Every Day. You simply cannot lose…”

Todd and Wendy

“In the last 8 months, my entire net worth has 20 X’d and that’s because of what Mike taught me when it comes to my mind and money. Richer Every Day is the best program I’ve found in the marketplace…”

Shaqir Hussiyn

“Just saw Richer Every Day… Good God, you’ve outdone yourself my friend!”

Joshua Santos

“All I’ve wanted to do is learn about passive investing, and finding Richer Every Day is like winning the lottery… Mike, you’re a genius, thank you for all you do!

Jimmy Davis

“The amount of value that Mike shares in Richer Every Day is mind-blowing. The strategies I learned in this program literally paid for itself. If you’re on the fence, jump into Richer Every Day right now…”

Joshua Ong, 7-figure entrepreneur 

“Just wanted to share a testimonial for Rich Every Day

April 12th, I started investing for the very first time in my life (crypto assets).

May 6th, I’ve already crossed the first milestone of $1,000+ passive income.

I couldn’t have done it without Richer Every Day.

Thanks again, Mike! I’m very excited to continue this journey.

My goal is to diversify and make $10,000 per month in passive income.”

Maxime Warnault

“I bought this course 6 weeks ago and only now starting it. I see how my subconscious was sabotaging me my while life, and I am determined to put an end to it. No more! Thank you, Mike, for being there and share your wisdom and life with us.”

Alana Blusol

Hi Mike,

“I just finished PHASE 1 & 2 and wanted to let you know that I’m really resonating with everything you’ve been doing. I’ve followed you for a long time up here in Vancouver, BC, Canada and admired your journey… both the ups and the downs.

One thing that I’ve noticed about this course is your TRANSPARENCY and it’s really made a difference listening to what you’re saying… It’s awesome.

I’ve completed my expense report and am blown away at all the little “monthly fees” that have added up. One thing that really opened my eyes was how many old subscriptions (mostly annual renewals) were hurting me. I’ve got a small on-line business outside my regular business and the income from this was always covering these expenses so I wasn’t paying attention to these old programs, courses and other things that I don’t use anymore but have been paying for… for years!

This alone is going to save me hundreds. I’m also expecting some money to come in from other business and I was thinking about buying XXXXX but now after watching the videos, I’m thinking, NO WAY, I’m going to pay off a line of credit I have with my parents that I pay $500 monthly with and then I’m going to pay off the rest of my car loan that is $800 per month. Overall, watching your videos will save me around $2000 a month in expenses. THANK YOU MIKE.

I can’t wait for PHASE 3… this is your best work yet! Congratulations on your engagement with Michelle as well.”

My best regards

Dean Pinak

“Legitimately one of the most enlightening, life changing and self awareness pieces of education I have ever received. Been following your since List Grow and you continue to top yourself. Not in spite of your challenges, but because of them.”

 Chase Barfield

“The minute this program goes live to the public, I’m sharing the link. The deepness of this will and how it has been presented is life changing for all willing to “do the work”. I cannot wait to look back and celebrate the little wins which will add up to BIG freedom. #notaspringchickenposterchild”

 Jennifer Goodman


Based on our profit margin, we’re cutting expenses that would have cost $22,200/year in revenue to pay for. Your course is incredible and several times I’ve had tears come to my eyes while watching the videos. Your turned the hardest health challenge of your life into a breakthrough that will inspire thousands of people, and I can say with certainty that you’ve changed my life.”



“Really loving the program! Just blown away from the simple yet deep and effective strategies which Mike teaches, which would make all the difference on how it affects our lives financially forever!”

 Joshua Ong

“Amazing program, it really worth it. Thanks Mike for sharing all your experiences.”

 Lazaro Bahia

“Unbelievable session Mike, I learned so much about what is really running my life and why my health/wealths struggles I continue to face without nothing more than willpower will never work. I had to stop the video many times as I caught myself in deep thought about all the different examples in my own life experiences with the five hormones and how my subconscious was making decisions.

What also hit home for me was the often heard “You can’t pursue external solutions to solve internal problems” from other mentors in my life but the way you described it with the “meat and potatoes” of what’s behind it, was truly astounding!”

 Mary T Waters

“Wow! I am blown away how I feel right now. Just a year ago I would not even look at a program like this. I was taught people with money were jerks! I was also taught I didn’t deserve success or money. Yet being a single parent I am the only income source to provide for me and my girls. What is preventing me from reaching my financial goals is fear! Thank you Mike Dillard for this information.”

 Mattie Miller

“I just want to say thank you for this wisdom. This video alone just paid off this course investment. Just epic.”

 Moises Adolfo

“I woke up yesterday wanting to completely end my business and start fresh with a new brilliant idea (sound familiar?)….I mean I was completely ready to do it. For no reason…business is good!

Then I remembered RED Phase 1….

And I recognized my self sabotaging pattern right away. I told myself “sleep on it…give it a day”.

And I woke up completely ready to keep moving forward with my business.

Also, reduced my monthyl expenses by $673!

Phase 1 seemed vague to me and I thought it wasn’t going to help….and then it did…and it continues to..profoundly!”

 Niya Champaneria

“Got Mike’s email re: the next lesson being up and just wanted to swing by and give ysome props and snaps…

This program is SO good, Mike and Michelle; it feels like a beautiful culmination of all that Mike has been through over the past several years and all his learnings as an entrepreneur.

It’s SO clear how much thought, love care and attention has gone into this curriculum and program. I’m excited about the new modules that are dropping!

I appreciate it all, and the entire team for their roles in bringing RED to life.

Also wanted to encourage everyone who is interested to pick up Mike’s crypto course (and portfolio) next time he opens it as it’s a great compliment to RED.

So grateful!”

 Elizabeth Purvis

“Thank you Mike very good to know, the course has been life-changing for me. I am very grateful to have found it! Rock & Roll!”

 Andrew Fraser

“I’m going through Mike Dillard’s Richer Every Day and it’s badass!”

 Hernan Vazquez

“The difference for me has been incredible. I’m finding now I’m trying not to spend my money, even when I need to, so I can watch each account grow every day. Lifechanging, thank you Mike!”

 Ian Hollyman

“Since starting Richer Every Day, I’ve paid off about half of my debt. Not directly from the tactics (mostly because I don’t have the cash to work with yet), but more from the mindset shifts and my commitment to my financial future!

Thank you Mike and everyone in this group!”

 Minx Jade

“I have Never Realized That Doemstic Trusts Can be Bypassed so easily!”

 Alexei Musienko

“Mike Dillard thanks! Just ordered it! Appreciate all the great content and true guidance you pour into this group everyday! Way beyond just a course!”

 Rinesh Ganatra

“I cannot wait to dive into the rest of the course! I just got it yesterday and I’m freaking out! It’s amazing!”


“What a difference Richer Every Day has made for me in just 2-3 weeks… I feel like a different person when it comes to money already. I’d highly recommend this to anybody. This thing’s going to pay for itself 10 to 100 times over!”

John Delserone

“Just one piece of information and one contact shared here could make all the difference in the world for me. It’s so valuable, and I can’t wait to go through the rest of it! I highly recommend Richer Every Day!”

Lalita S.

“The expense reduction strategy Mike walks you through instantly saved me $800 per month, or $9,600 per year. It paid for itself the very first day!”


“I’ve never seen any other financial course even begin to address these behavior issues. For a financial course, its unheard of. It’s one of the things that really makes Richer Every Day unique…”


“Richer Every Day really helped me understand that I had programs about making a million dollars that were holding me back from my religious upbringing. I already feel a weight lifted off me and I’m really grateful for the program!”

Mike Frazer, Psychiatrist

“My wife Emily signed me up for this. I love the psychology aspect, and we’ve already set up the system and we’re making ourselves richer! Well worth the time and money!”

Jason and Emily

“I joined last week and I’ve already been blown away by what I’ve learned! I’m confident around my finances and money, but what I’ve struggled with is how to make more money as a producer. This has been immensely helpful and I can’t wait to see what comes next!”


“If you’re concerned about your finances and want to make them work better for you, this is a tremendous opportunity that will truly benefit you!”


“That’s to Richer Every Day, I’ve learned how my physiology controls my thoughts, desires, and actions. Now I’m taking care of those first before I pursue financial tactics and strategies. Every program I’ve ever taken from Mike has produced a 10X return…”


The Richer Every Day Program is a blueprint that can accelerate your business 100 fold! Mike is the real deal. Thank you Mike for all that you do!”

Dr. Carlos Gonzales, Chiropractor.

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