I’ve often said on this podcast, that there are only two ways to transform society, for better or worse…

And that is through the barrel of a gun, or through the minds of the next generation.

Today we’re joined by Ryan Michler who has seen the impact that America’s decaying values have had, specifically on our young men over the past decade.

Today, men and masculinity are under attack. Men of all ages are being taught by the media that they are bad, that they are broken, and that they are wrong.

The institutions that have served as sacred havens for brotherhood and camaraderie like the Boy Scouts and the field of battle have been recently taken away from them, and simply being a masculine man today, invites judgement and shame today from an ever-increasing number of mentally ill people who are angry at the world, and how have been told that it’s all men’s fault.

When you combine that kind of social pressure and influence with the fact that most young men over the past decade have grown up without a father, or a positive male role model in their lives who can teach them how to be an honest, strong, protector and provider, you end up with a generation of men who do not know what it looks like to be a man anymore.

This attack on men will eventually collapse a society, and it’s one of the reasons why I started this podcast four years ago.   And I’m not alone of my observations or my actions…

Ryan has become one of the biggest leaders in this movement, as the Founder of OrderOfMan.com

As you’ll hear today, Ryan’s story is one that began with himself and the problems he was experiencing in his own life as he struggled to figure out what it means to become a husband and a father, while never having one to learn from when he was a child.

Over the past few years Ryan’s personal transformation has been absolutely incredible as he literally went from the overweight, tie-wearing corporate guy straight out of the movie Office Space, to a true leader of men in every way.

Today, his message is simple… It’s that every man is born with just one thing: his sovereignty – his power to respond to his environment and his circumstances.

Unfortunately, most men have been taught by society give away that sovereignty. Every time a man passes blame or shirks his responsibility, every time he makes excuses for his performance, and every time he trades his unlimited potential for a little perceived safety and security, he willingly submits himself to the mercy of others.

You don’t have to look very far to recognize that men don’t seem to possess the same amount of vigor and purpose they once did.

Take one sobering statistic—the rate of suicide in men—and you begin to see how damaging the effects of the voluntary subjugation of men to their families, their businesses, and their governments can be.

It’s not hard to understand why we give up control to others—it’s easy and we’re expected to. Sovereignty: The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Men is a call for men to once again rise up and establish themselves as they once were—a revolution if you will.

And as for the amazing women out there who support and listen to this show, I want to say thank you. While helping men become the best they can be may be the purpose Order of Man, and what we do here at Mike Dillard, you are the ultimate beneficiary of our work as we strive to build better husbands, fathers, partners, and sons, so thank you.

After you listen to today’s episode, make sure you head to Create a Movement, Not Just a Business… and check out the brand new video class from Ryan Michler, on how to turn your mission, into a movement.