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Today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite investment strategies for entrepreneurs.

As your business and your wealth start to grow, you’re going to realize at some point, that making money is actually easier than keeping the money.


Because the habits, mindset, and behaviors that allowed you to make that money, like taking risks, are the exact opposite of what you need to keep it and grow it.

And what’s really interesting, is that entrepreneurs tend to think that investing, is the same thing as saving.

That taking $50,000 here or $100,000 there, and investing that into other companies or startups is going to magnify your wealth. Well, I can tell you from experience that, that’s rarely the case, even though it might feel like a similar activity.

So what can you do to ensure that you don’t take unnecessary risks and that you are setting yourself up to achieve your true goal, which is financial freedom?

Well, the first is to become aware of this trap, and the second is to invest your money in ways that will protect and grow it conservatively.

Right now we’re overdue for a stock market crash. We’re in the middle of the longest bull run in history, and we’re hitting new all-time highs, which means one thing… A crash is on the way. It might take place in a few months, or in a few years, but every single day that goes by, brings it one step closer.

The good news is that right now you have a chance to do something about, and to protect your wealth which is exactly what my guest Patrick and I are going to teach you how to do.

This one single investment strategy has the power to completely change your life, so pay attention, take notes, and please help me welcome, Patrick Donohoe.


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