Wow, you guys are in for a mind-blowing interview today about the future of online marketing, with Joe Schriefer.

Who is Joe?

Well he’s basically the intern that started working at Agora Financial, and then worked his way up to CEO in 2007.

Agora is the world’s most successful financial and investment publishing company, and when Joe took over, they were doing about $30 million per year in revenue.

Today, they’re about to crack $300,000,000 million under his leadership.

How’d he do it? How did he 10X their business in 10 years?

Simply put, he recognized the value and the power of copywriting, and the put 100% of his focus into building and training the most successful group of copywriter’s in the world.

Today, Agora has a team of 45 full time copywriters on staff, and that has been the secret to their success.

Now, I knew that going into this interview, but I what I didn’t know was that Joe and Agora have also seen the writing on the wall… They’ve seen how advertising is changing, they’ve seen how email marketing has been changing, and how policies at Facebook and Google have been changing, and wow… They are responding and adapting in a massive way.

And that’s when this interview took a fascinating turn, into the future…

So just to give you a quick summary of everything we’re going to cover today…

You’re going to learn how Joe and Agora find, hire, and train their copywriter’s.

You’re going to learn which personality types make the for the best writers

You’re going to learn about their entire customer acquisition process… How they strategically price their products, and how much their customers are worth on day one, and over the course of their lifetime.

And then we’re going to dive into the future. We’re going to talk about some big changes coming to recurring subscription businesses, how AI is about to revolutionize marketing, and most of all, how you can keep your business ahead of these changes that will fundamentally change our world in the next 36 months.

This is one of the most valuable interviews we’ve ever had on the show, so please get ready to take some notes, and make sure you get this out to your team members as well.