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How to Setup Your Shopping Cart, Facebook Community, Merchant Account, and Test Your Funnel…

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Complete Your VSL Page

Your sales video is now up on YouTube, and embedded into your sales page, so now it’s time to complete that stage in our funnel…

It today’s lesson, I’m going to teach you how to update the template sales copy, add your testimonials, edit your testimonial images, and then put all of your sales copy on a delayed timer so that it will only appear when you start to make your offer in your sales video.

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Checkout Page Setup, Part 1

Today we’re going to dive into the setup of our Checkout Page. I’ll be breaking this process down into two steps…

Here in Step 1, we’re going to complete the integrations between ClickFunnels, Stripe, and Mail Chimp…

New resources include

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Designing Your Checkout Page

Today we’re going to choose your checkout page template, and customize the form with compelling copy and images. By the time you’re done with today’s lesson, you’ll have a great looking checkout page that’s ready to sell your product!

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  • Lesson 4

How to Create Your Product SKUs

Today we’ll be completing your checkout page setup! The last step in the process is to create the product SKUs for your monthly and annual memberships in Stripe, and ClickFunnels. By the time you’ve completed today’s lesson, you’re checkout page will be finished!

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  • Lesson 5

Upsell Page Creation

Today we’re going to design and complete the Annual Upsell page for your List-Grow funnel! By the end of today’s video, you’ll have a complete and working upsell page that offers a discounted annual membership to your new customers…

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  • Lesson 6

Creating Your Order Confirmation Page

Today’s lesson is quick and simple… We’re going to create the order confirmation page for your customers which will provide them with a receipt, and access to the Member’s Area, which is what we’ll tackle in our next lesson…

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  • Lesson 7

Membership Overview

There are two ways to deliver your membership product to your new customers… The ClickFunnel’s Membership Area, or a private Facebook Group. Which should you choose for your business? We’ll discuss that in today’s lesson…

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  • Lesson 8

Facebook Group Creation

If you’d like to use a Facebook Group as your private community for customers, today I’ll teach you how to set it up, and how to connect it to your Confirmation page inside Click Funnels!

Recommended Resource:

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  • Lesson 9

ClickFunnels Member’s Area

In our last lesson, you learned how to build a secret Facebook Community to serve as your Member’s Area. Today I’m going to teach you how to create a private Member’s Area using ClickFunnel’s proprietary system.

Please NOTE: During this lesson, I discuss the “drip delay” functionality that allows you to automatically unlock new content for your members every 30 days as they’re billed.

In the video, I mention that the delay should just be “30” days, which is incorrect.

The delay should look like this…

  • Lesson 1: 0 days
  • Lesson 2: 30 days
  • Lesson 3: 60 days
  • Lesson 4: 90 days
  • Lesson 5: 120 days.
  • Etc…

The timer begins on the day they join, not the days since the previous lesson was unlocked.

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  • Lesson 10

Legal Disclaimers

Today we’re going to learn how to create and add the three primary legal documents you’ll need before taking your business live.

In order to protect yourself from a potential lawsuit, and to stay compliant with the FTC, you’ll need to work with an attorney to draft your Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer documents. On you have these in hand we’ll add them to each of your funnel pages as shows in today’s lesson.

If you need a good business attorney to draft your documents, you can use mine… Joseph Leak –

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  • Lesson 11

Welcome Email Creation

Today I’m going to show you how to create an email autoresponder in your Mail Chimp account that will email your prospects and customers automatically with the information they’ve requested.

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  • Lesson 12

Funnel Audit

In today’s lesson we’re going to walk though and audit every page of our funnel to ensure it’s ready for prime-time… This is a MUST-WATCH lesson with several important tweaks to your settings!

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  • Lesson 13

Your First Credit Card Transaction

Congratulations! Today we’re going to process you very first credit card transactions through you funnel, which means you’ve done it! You know how have complete and working business that’s ready to accept payments! I’ll also show you how to process refunds and cancel trials in this lesson as well.

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