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Download Business Plan PDF (Click Here For My Example)

Here are some resources to help you set up your online services:

  • ClickFunnels.com – This is the primary software platform that we’ll be using to create your entire funnel. Russell happens to be a personal friend of mine, so he’s generously offered a 30 day free trial to the platform using this specific link so you can follow along with List-Grow, risk-free. Their normal trial is 14 days.
  • MailChimp.com – This is the Email Service Provider we’ll be using to manage our growing email list.
  • JingProject.com – Jing is one of my “must-have” tools that will allow you capture images and record short 5 minute videos of your desktop to send to people. I use this to communicate visually with my team members, designers, or with customer support.
  • SnagIt.com – SnagIt is a more robust capture tool that will allow you to modify images as needed.
  • ScreenFlow – Is the primary screen capture tool that I use on my Mac to create videos of my desktop. In fact, every single video in List-Grow was created with ScreenFlow.
  • Camtasia – is exactly like ScreenFlow, except for PC.
  • Blue Mics – Blue Mics make some high quality, yet affordable microphones which is what you’ll need once you start to record your sales video.
  • Grashopper – Get an 800 prefix phone number for your sales pages.
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Copy-writing Resources:

Facebook Advertising:

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