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How to Create a Great Customer Experience, Create Split-Tests, Advertise on Facebook, and More…

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How to Make Over $100,000/Mo with Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Learning how to use paid advertising is THE key to scaling ANY kind business up to 7 or 8 figures, so I wanted to introduce you to the gentleman who runs all of my Facebook ad campaigns, Jason Hornung.

Jason routinely produces over $300,000 to $500,000 per MONTH is sales for my company just from his ad campaigns. In other words, this is an extremely valuable lesson, so pay attention 🙂

And by the way, make sure you watch the lesson first, as the following written content and screenshots are designed to supplement the video.

So as of the time we recorded this, we had two separate campaigns running on Facebook…

The primary one is for List-Grow. List-Grow is an extremely detailed, step-by-step course on how to build a large audience and email list by creating a simple, monthly subscription-based business… (just like the Society actually).

In other words, if you wanted to create a monthly subscription business just like the Mike Dillard Society around the niche or passion of your choice, List-Grow would walk you through the entire process from beginning to end.

You start the course with nothing, and you end the course with a fully-functional business that can accept customers and credit card payments.

I sell that course for $1,497 via a 90-minute webinar.  95% of all List-Grow customers come from our Facebook advertising campaign, which is what I’m going to walk you through here today…

This process has been working, really, really, really, well…

Here are the latest numbers from the campaign…

Total revenue from October 1st, through January 31st, is $432,695.00.

Total Sales

We spent $88,601 on our ad campaign, giving us a net-profit of $344,094 in four months.

FB Ad Spend

Watch the video lesson above to see how that’s done, and below you’ll find screenshots and additional information… The webinar funnel for List-Grow consists of three parts…

  1. The ads…

Here are the ads we’ve been using for the campaign…

  1. The webinar registration page. When someone clicks on the ad, they’re taken to this webinar registration page…

LG Registration

That registration page has a current conversion rate of 34.5%. So out of every 3 people who click on our ads, 1 person will register for the webinar. That’s a good rate. Now I don’t do the webinars live. That would be exhausting. Instead, I use an amazing software platform called to run the webinars automatically.

Ever Webinar

For that reason, it’s very important to note that I never, ever, say that the webinar is “live” at any point in our marketing campaigns.

Make sure you do the same.

I simply record the webinar once, and then it shows the replay at the times you decide to offer in your dashboard. I’ve been offering the List-Grow webinar twice per day, at [12:00] Noon and [8:00] PM. (The system automatically detects their timezone, and conducts the webinar at that time).

Out of every 100 people who registered to attend the webinar, 44% actually show up. The webinar itself has a sales conversion rate of 5.87%, so for every 100 people who show up and watch, 5 or 6 will buy the course for $1,497. So that’s the entire webinar marketing funnel.

Now the key to making sure all of this actually works, and produces a profit, is the quality of your sales copy…

EVERYTHING is dependent upon that.

If your ads, registration page, and webinar don’t convert your clicks into customers, you don’t make a sale. There are two great courses you can buy that will help you craft the perfect webinar pitch for your product or service.

The first is called the “Ultimate Webinar Blueprint” by my friend Frank Kern.

And the other is “Perfect Webinar Secrets” by my friend Russell Brunson.

They’re both fantastic courses, and you can’t go wrong with either one…

With that being said, you MUST buy one of them, and apply their process.

Unless you’re already a 7-8 figure copywriting master, you will fail otherwise. I can humbly say that I have a talent for writing copy, as my sales presentations have produced $50 Million+ in revenue for my companies, but I don’t have an ego.

The entire List-Grow webinar script was crafted using their templates.

Funnel 2: Self-Made Man to Mike Dillard Mentoring Offer…

The second funnel that we’ve been marketing on Facebook, has been a bit of an experiment I’ve never seen done before. We’re taking the podcast episodes that are coming out each week at, and promoting them on Facebook behind a capture page.

For example, we created a capture page for Garrett White and his episode which was titled, “How To Become A Powerful Leader of Men…”

Garrett Capture

Here are the ads we posted on Facebook to drive traffic to that page…

Now after you opt into that page by providing your email address, you’re taken to the “one-time-offer” page (OTO).


On this page, I welcome you to the Mike Dillard community. (I let you know that your lesson with Garrett will be arriving at your inbox shortly, and then I invite you to purchase the 2 hour long, “Mike Dillard Mentoring” training program I created for $47. (In 2016, Mike Dillard Mentoring was this single video that you now get here in Lesson 5 in Mike Dillard Mentoring 2017, along with the additional 11 lessons).

Our goal was to make enough revenue from the initial sale of the Mike Dillard Mentoring course, to cover most of our advertising costs.

At that point, we can continue to build our email list, and acquire new customers every single day for free in over a dozen different niches, as we create new capture pages for every new Mike Dillard podcast episode. So far then conversion numbers for the “SMM to MDM” campaign have been “okay”.

We’ve spent $27,671 on ads for this campaign, which has produced 10,536 email subscribers. That’s a gross cost-per-lead of $2.62 each.

Now we’ve also sold $12,483 worth of the $49 Mike Dillard Mentoring lesson to those readers, which brings our net-advertising cost down to $15,188. That means our net cost per lead is only $1.44 each. That’s a really great cost-per-lead, but I want to get it down to break-even, or $0.00.

So here’s the biggest challenge with this particular funnel…

I have to start with a stranger who clicked on an ad about Garrett.

They see his picture and are expecting to hear from him.

But as soon as they opt-in, they’re surprised to see this other guy named Mike. So I have to introduce myself, reframe the context, and then sell them on a course they had no idea they wanted, all in less than 5 minutes.

Clearly, that’s a challenge, but it can be done, and we’ll eventually get the numbers where we want them by simply split-testing our pages, and increasing their conversion rates over time.

In Conclusion…

The only way to build and grow a business over the long-run is to have direct control over the number of people who see your product, and the ability to produce customers on demand. The only way to do that, is to buy attention, traffic, and customers through paid advertising campaigns.

Relying on anything else to build your business, is relying on luck. If you’d like to get in touch with Jason, his contact information is below…

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Lesson: – The automated webinar service I use. – Frank Kern’s webinar sales course. – Russell Brunson’s webinar course. – Jason’s Facebook advertising agency.

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