$578,000 Affiliate Promotion

Is this case study, I’m going to provide you with the emails I wrote to promote the Palm Beach Confidential newsletter as an affiliate… These four carefully crafted emails generated a record-breaking $578,000 in affiliate commissions.

A few months ago I decided to run an affiliate promotion for Palm Beach Confidential… A newsletter product focused on investing in cryptocurrencies.

As you’ve already seen from the example in Module 6, I’m a big fan of their products, as I’ve found their research to be second-to-none.

I had no idea how interested my audience would be when it came to this topic, so I took a pretty casual approach to the promotion, sending just four emails over the course of two weeks.

The result?

A record-breaking $1.15 million in sales, which equals a $590,000 commission for us.

It was the single most successful affiliate promotion we’d ever held.

Below I’ve included the four emails for you to study and model.

Ultimately, each email had a job to do…

Email 1: Create context.

I needed to explain why I’m suddenly bringing up the topic of Bitcoin to my list of entrepreneurs, and I needed to bring credibility to the team at Palm Beach.

Email 2: Build rapport and increase trust.

As a part of this promotion, I asked Teeka to join us on the Self Made Man podcast. Teeka knows his stuff, and he’s a true financial professional unlike most of the other people in this place.

Giving my audience a chance to listen to him talk about the industry for an hour would dramatically increase trust and credibility.

Email 3: Drive people to the sales webinar.

The purpose of the third email was very straightforward… Encourage people to listen to the podcast and to register for his training webinar which would also serve as the primary sales opportunity for their newsletter.

Email 4: Address objections, and introduce scarcity.

The final email of the series was designed to address common objections, and to remind people that the opportunity to join the PBC Newsletter was about to end.


On average 50-80% of all sales from any kind of launch or promotion will take place on the final day!

There must be a deadline involved, and you must bring attention to that deadline often.


As you read these emails, I believe that you’ll quickly identify why they were so effective…

1: They were genuine, honest, and authentic.

2: They focused on providing information and education, rather than selling.

3: They used evidence in the form of images.

4: There was a call to action in every email.

5: There was a clear deadline to join.

If you use these elements in your promotions, you should see a great amount of success…

Crypto Promotion #1 – Monday Email

From: Mike Dillard
Subject Line: Bitcoin…

Breaking My Silence On Bitcoin…

“Mike, are you in Bitcoin!? What do you think of Bitcoin!?”

Ahhhh yes… Bitcoin…

It’s a topic that I’ve avoided for years now. Not a single post… Not a single word about the subject, (until today), which is interesting when you consider that I’ve been involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2012.

Yep… I was buying Bitcoin back when it was around $50, and lost hundreds of them when Mt.Gox was hacked in 2014.

Ethereum? Yep… I bought a bunch of that as well when it was under $10.

I’ve done really, really, really well with cryptos, so why the silence?

Well I know from previous experience that entrepreneurs… My audience… Are risk-takers, and that many of you will take my recommendations as gospel.

Which is great when things work out well, but quite horrific when they don’t.

Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are the most speculative, risky, and volatile markets in the world right now, so I’ve simply stayed away from the topic… Until today.

So what’s changed?

Well about a year ago, I finally found someone in the industry that I trust.

Many of you know that I’ve been fans and friends with the team behind The Palm Beach Letter for years now.

The Founder, Tom Dyson and I have been personal friends for almost 8 years, and Tom’s co-founder Mark Ford is someone I consider a mentor. In fact, he was Episode 02 on the podcast…

Well last year Tom brought a gentleman named Teeka Tiwari onto the team.

Teeka is the epitome of a Self Made Man. Growing up in the foster care system in the United Kingdom, Teeka came to the United States at age 16 with just $150 in his pocket and the clothes on his back. By 18, he had become the youngest employee at Lehman Brothers. Two years later, he shattered convention by becoming the youngest vice president in the history of Shearson Lehman.

From there he went on to start and manage his own successful hedge fund until 2013, when he retired and joined the Palm Beach team to focus on the opportunity in cryptos full time.

Until early this year, I had no idea who Teeka was.

I simply purchased access to his newsletter like everyone else did, and I quickly became a huge fan.

I finally found someone with a real financial background who’s taking a conservative, safe, systematic approach, to investing in cryptocurrencies… A true professional in an ocean of hype and crap.

Over the past six months, Teeka’s research has become the gold-standard in the industry, and his results are pretty incredible…

Here is a screenshot I just took from his subscriber portfolio in the member’s area…

These are the recommendations he’s shared with his subscribers, along with the buy date, price, and ROI to date…

So I’m finally talking about Bitcoin and cryptos today, because I’ve finally found someone I trust and that I’m willing to recommend in the industry.

If you want to check out his work, he’s holding a live webinar on Thursday to talk about the state of the industry/technology which you can register for here, AND…

He’s also going to join us on this week’s episode of the Self Made Man podcast tomorrow.

Is it too late to get into Bitcoin? Should you invest in ICO’s? What’s going on in China? Will the US ban them?

We’ll answer all of these questions and more on tomorrow’s podcast episode.

In the meantime, if you’re in this space already, or if you’ve been thinking about getting involved, do yourself a massive favor and checkout his newsletter. You’ll be glad you did.

– Mike Dillard


Crypto Promotion #2 – Tuesday Email

From: Mike Dillard
Subject Line: The Bitcoin Podcast episode…

The Bitcoin Podcast: Everything You Need To Know…

Bitcoin, crypto-currencies, and block-chain applications are the single biggest technology revolution we’ve seen since the invention of the cell phone.

It is changing everything, and with that kind of disruption comes a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity… IF… You can pick the winning applications and avoid the rest. Think of it as the Dot-Com Bubble 2.0.

Fortunes can be made if you’re smart, and lost if you aren’t.

Well to help us navigate the world of Bitcoin and crypto-startups we’re joined by Teeka Tiwari, the most respected investment researcher in the space.

(Click here to listen now!)

Teeka’s investments have produced an average return of nearly 30 to 1, and he’s here today to help us understand the technology, the opportunity, and the risks…

Is it too late to invest?

How high will Bitcoin go?

Why did China recently shut down all of their crypto-exchanges, and will the US eventually do the same?

You’ll learn all of that and more today on this incredibly valuable episode with Teeka…

Click here to listen now…

– Mike Dillard


Crypto Promotion #3 – Thursday Email

From: Mike Dillard
Subject Line: Bitcoin webinar tonight…

Into Bitcoin? Don’t Miss This Webinar Tonight…

First and foremost, thank you all so much for the awesome feedback many of you sent in about this week’s Bitcoin podcast with Teeka Tiwari… It received more than 10,000 downloads in the first 36 hours!

Obviously Bitcoin is not a normal topic here on the podcast or in my newsletter, so this will likely be the last time I bring it up. With that being said, I know that MANY of you are involved in the space, as have I since 2012.

The opportunity is substantial, but so are the risks.

If you want to learn how to maximize your upside, and reduce your downside in the space, make sure you jump on this training webinar Teeka is hosting tonight.

He’ll be focused on the trends and risks to look for here as we enter 2018 now that the first options/futures exchange has been approved by the CFTC here in the US. This is going to allow the major Wall Street players to participate in the crypto market for the very first time next year.

Rumor has it that Vitalik Buterin, (the Founder of Ethereum) will be making a guest appearance as well to share his insights.

You can register for free here…

And by the way, Bitcoin hit new high last night… $7,000+. How high will it go? Teeka will definitely cover that on the webinar tonight.

– Mike Dillard


Crypto Promotion #4 – Wednesday Email (2 weeks later)

From: Mike Dillard
Subject Line: My take on Bitcoin…

How I’m Personally Investing In Bitcoin/Cryptos, And What I Think About It’s Future…

Hey *|FNAME|*, the wild ride in crypto-currencies continues as Bitcoin looks poised to hit a new all-time high of $7,500+, and the questions continue to come into my support team after I posted the SelfMadeMan podcast episode with Teeka Tiwari earlier this month. (It’s been downloaded over 20,000 times).

“Is Bitcoin safe?”
“Is it too late to buy?”
“How much should I invest?”
“What will the US government do?”
“What do you think about ICO’s and alt-coins?”

Well here’s my 2-cents on the subject based on some of my biggest lessons-learned when it comes to investing in all kinds of businesses/assets over the past ten years…

Entrepreneurs are opportunistic risk-takers by nature. It’s what allows us to see opportunities others don’t, and then take the risks needed to capitalize on them.

This is a dangerous combination when it comes to investing, especially with an asset class that’s in a massive hype-cycle.

So here’s my personal opinion about the industry…

1: I think it’s still VERY EARLY…

Here’s why…

Blockchain is a completely new technology invention, which is giving rise to a completely new industry. The invention of Bitcoin in 2009 is similar to the invention of the world’s first personal computer. It is something completely new that most people do not understand.

Today, eight years later, the potential of Bitcoin and blockchain tech is becoming more understood, and we’re starting to see the technology applied in new ways on a weekly basis.

I compare this to the early days of the PC industry. It started with the Apple II in 1977, and then the IBM PC in 1981. Within a few years, dozens of companies started creating “clones” of the IBM PC and the industry took off.

The PC became a “platform” that developers start to create applications for.

In many ways, Ethereum and EOS are two of the first versions of blockchain platforms that developers can use to create their own crypto-applications, tokens, currencies, etc.

Right now it’s as if the first PC computers have started to hit the market, but most people still don’t get it. There were only a handful programs you could run on a PC at that time, so unless you were fascinated by the technology itself, you ignored it.

In the decade to follow, PC’s would become an essential tool and a part of the world’s infrastructure. Blockchain technology will do the same in the coming decade.

So as far as timing and the maturity of this industry goes, we’re still in the early adopters phase, and I think we’ll start to move into the beginning of the mass adoption/application phase within the next three years.

I think it’s worth noting that two of the biggest merchant providers in the world are in the process of supporting Bitcoin right now…

Stripe.com, (merchant provider to companies like Slack, Instacart, Lyft, Kickstarter, and Shopify), has recently integrated Bitcoin payments into their platform. (Here’s a screenshot from my Stripe account back office…)

And Square allows merchants to accept Bitcoin payments as well.

2: The invention of an entirely new class of technology represents an incredible investment opportunity.

Imagine if you could go back to the early 80’s and invest in IBM, Apple, or Microsoft…

Well that’s the opportunity that exists to day in the crypto/blockchain world, which is why there’s such a frenzy around it.

As of today, the market-cap for the entire global crypto-currency industry is just $220 Billion. Total.

To put that into perspective, Apple’s market cap alone is $870 Billion, and Amazon’s is $542 Billion. These are singular companies. Blockchain tech is an entirely new global market.

With that being said, 99% of the money being put into the crypto-currency space right now is pure speculation.

Speculative bubbles always create the biggest opportunities for incredible returns, but carry with them an equally large amount of risk.

Without a doubt this is an opportunity to create life-changing wealth… IF… You’re smart about it.

In addition to the legit startups out there, the industry is filled with scams you have to be aware of.

I see people promoting them daily on my Facebook feed… Companies that will promise you a 1-2% return per day if you send them Bitcoin.

These are total scams, and I watched one of them disappear overnight with everyone’s Bitcoin just last week. The website, Facebook Group, and everything else… POOF! Gone.

3: So how can you be smart?

Well the key to winning in any investment is to reduce your risk as much as possible, and the most effective way to reduce your risk is with knowledge and expertise.

Without these two assets at your side, you aren’t investing, you’re gambling. And when it comes to gambling, the house always wins.

This means you have two options…

You can become the expert, or you can hire the expert.

For example…

I like investing in real estate, but I don’t know anything about the industry, nor do I have an interest in spending the next 5-10 years becoming an expert.

If I were to invest in an apartment complex on my own, I would certainly lose my money.

That’s why I choose to hire experts who have done nothing but invest in real estate their entire lives. They have the knowledge and experience required to invest in that market successfully. As a result, my average real estate return with them has been over 25% per year.

I’m taking the same approach to investing in crypto-currencies.

As much as I pay attention to the industry, I am not an expert when it comes to investing in speculative opportunities. Choosing the right companies and currencies to invest in, at the right time, and at the right price out of the 1,000+ options available today requires an incredible amount of research, diligence, and experience that you and I simply don’t have.

So once I again I have chosen to reduce my risk by hiring the expert who does.

Teeka Tiwari is the best I’ve found when it comes to navigating this space. If you heard my podcast with him here two weeks ago, you know that Teeka has had an extremely successful career as a hedge-fund manager, and a few years ago he turned his attention and skill-set toward the crypto industry full time.

I purchased access to his publication and portfolio at the start of 2017, and it’s been the highest quality research I’ve found in the space.

It’s easy to understand, his approach and methodology is conservative and clear, and he’s got inside access to these startups that you and I will never have.

If you are currently invested in crypto-currencies, or plan to put money into the space, I HIGHLY recommend that you reduce your risks and increase your chances for success with Teeka’s knowledge.

If you want to learn more about his approach or the industry in general, he’s holding a LIVE Q&A session tonight at [8:00] PM EST that you can sign-up for here.

You should also be aware that he’s closing down his newsletter to new subscribers this Friday, and it won’t be available again until mid 2018. That means you have about 72 hours if you want to arm yourself with his research.

(By the way, his average portfolio return is currently sitting at 1,371%).

If you want to learn more, just register for tonight’s Q&A session and they’ll send you the details and a link to signup.

Mike Dillard

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