Joe Schreifer, The CEO of Agora Financial, has built the most successful team of copywriters in the world, who produce over $300,000,000 in sales annually. He’s graciously offered to give all 7FSP Students access to their entire swipe file! Here are the links to access this amazing bonus… Agora Financial Swipe File “The Secret ‘Copy-Boarding

Is this case study, I’m going to provide you with the emails I wrote to promote the Palm Beach Confidential newsletter as an affiliate… These four carefully crafted emails generated a record-breaking $578,000 in affiliate commissions. A few months ago I decided to run an affiliate promotion for Palm Beach Confidential… A newsletter product focused

This is the VSL Transcript for the most successful crowd-funded pre-order campaign in history… The GlowForge 3D laser printer. It produced $28 Million in pre-orders in 30 days, and the letter is only three minutes, and 25 sentences long. It’s the perfect example of a sales script that’s as short as it needs to be,

Meet Glowforge… The 3D laser printer. Start with a design that you download or create. Choose from dozens of materials… Even recycled cardboard. The laser cuts and engraves your design. It’s precise to the width of a human hair, so it’s easy to assemble remarkable things. Use your mac, PC, or tablet to drag your

Last month more than 3,500 of you asked me to produce a training session on the topic of emergency preparedness with my Navy Seal buddy Cade… Well we managed to put something awesome together for you, and if history is any guide to the future, it might end up as the most valuable post I’ve

So this is the transcript for The Elevation Group sales webinar which has produced over $3.2 Million in sales in less than 7 days, and $25Million in total sales. It’s one of the single most profitable presentations I’ve ever produced in the past 10 years and it was the very first automated webinar that I

So this is the replay and the transcript for my List-Grow sales webinar which has produced over $2.5 Million in sales in less than 12 months. It’s one of the single most profitable presentations I’ve ever produced in the past 10 years, and you’ll notice the same formula that you’re learning here in 7FSP, was

Well this is it… The very first sales letter I ever wrote back around the age of 26. It took me about 3 months of writing and re-writing over and over again as I taught myself how to write copy, but this letter is what single-highhandedly changed my life forever. I would go on to

This is the fabled “Two Young Men…” letter written by freelancer Martin Conroy, first sent out in 1974 and mailed continuously for over 25 years. It is said to have produced over $1 Billion in subscription revenue for the WSJ, making it one of the most successful sales letters in history… Dear Reader: On a

I recently had my friend, and copywriting legend, Craig Clemens on the Self Made Man Podcast recently, and during that episode, he discussed this video sales letter for Key Biotics. It was so successful, and pissed off so many big pharma companies, that it was literally banned by Google… I’d highly recommend listening to my

This is the full transcript, and video replay of the 7-Figure Sales Presentations marketing Webinar…

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