“Magnetic Sponsoring” Sales Letter

Well this is it… The very first sales letter I ever wrote back around the age of 26. It took me about 3 months of writing and re-writing over and over again as I taught myself how to write copy, but this letter is what single-highhandedly changed my life forever. I would go on to sell over 100,000 copies of my book, changes the lives of thousands of people, and produce over $25,000,000 in total revenue for Magnetic Sponsoring as a company.
– Mike


Are you currently building a network marketing business or about to start one? Well hold on, because…

If You’re Tired of Trying to Build Your Home Business With Dead-Beat Leads, Home Meetings, Cold Calling Lead Lists, And Spending More Money Than You Make, Then Your Troubles Have Ended Because You’re About To Learn How To Attract Endless New Distributors And Customers Right To Your Front-Door With Credit Card In Hand…

Dear friend,

It’s INSANE… 95% of all home business owners lose more money than they actually make!

It’s true, and I should know…

After 5 years and four “smoking hot” opportunities, I had nothing to show for my blood, sweat, and tears except a busted, broken ego, $6,000 in extra debt, and a humiliating job waiting tables six nights a week (This is after I left my corporate position recruiting surgeons because I was going to make $20,000/mo in my “sure thing” network marketing business).

…Or not.

But in the end, I guess I’m a bit of a jackass, or at least as stubborn as one because I refused to give up. I would not be denied my prize of financial freedom, (and of course the chance to say “I told you so!” to those who had always doubted…)

Thanks to the headline above, you can see that I eventually reached my goal (Big Time), and you’re probably wondering what happened? What “magical change” took place that turned my business around virtually overnight?

Did I Become Some Super-Star Sales Person, Have Big Hotel Meetings, Or Invest $1,000’s Into Ads?


Did I post fliers or hound my friends and family to join my business?

Heck no.

Was it some new “latest and greatest” opportunity, product, or lead source that made the difference?

Of course not.

It was a revolutionary piece of knowledge that I had never seen or heard anywhere before which led to a completely new (i.e. Successful) approach to the business. I stopped doing network marketing like everyone else.

During my first four frustrating years in business, I had become a 3rd degree black belt student of the industry. I listened to all the training calls with the intensity of a CIA spy. I invested hundreds of hours absorbing every last morsel of wisdom from the training websites.

I bought so many books, the Barnes and Nobles sales woman invited me to the company Christmas Party! And of course I spent thousands of dollars on every kind of lead from every lead source you could imagine – making an average of 50-100 phone calls a day.

Yet despite my efforts, I wasn’t any closer to grasping the prize of financial freedom than when I started. The bottom line was that nothing was working, and the only answers I ever got were…

  • Just work harder.
  • Buy more leads and hang more signs.
  • Call more people than you did yesterday!

It’s safe to say I was taught everything there is to know about a home business except how to actually make money with one!

The Conclusion: 95% Of What The MLM Establishment Tells You Is Pure Bull.

And I had bought into it to, but I knew, deep down, that something was wrong. Something was missing. There is NO WAY, it was this hard to build an MLM business!

Fortunately for me one day not too long ago, the answer came to me like a bolt of lightning from the Heavens! (Ok, ok that’s a bit dramatic, but that’s really why it felt like! When you have that “ah-ha!” moment that leaves your mind reeling all night…

In truth, the source of this career changing epiphany were two unlikely “heroes”: A struggling salesman named Perry, and a truck driver named Joe, but I’ll get to them in a minute…)

You’ll just have to trust me on this one. It was like the blinders had been instantly ripped from my eyes…

And you know what?

Doing this business right turned out to be a lot easier and a lot more fun than doing it wrong!

What I learned, and what I hope people realize is that you can have the best product, company, and compensation plan in the world, but it’s all completely worthless unless you have a true marketing system in place that will bring people to you on a silver platter.

Look, I can’t stand calling deadbeat opportunity leads and 6 months ago I couldn’t afford to keep spending my hard-earned cash on that junk even if I wanted to.

I needed to learn how to bring my prospects and my customers to my front door and generate cash flow immediately. On top of that, I had to enable every single one of my reps to do the same, so I started looking for the answer OUTSIDE the MLM industry, and found it in direct response/mail order, as so many other heavy hitters have (yet they neglected to tell you).

What I Would Like To Share With You Now Are
The 3 Sentences That Changed My Life And My Career In Network Marketing Forever.

“Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill.

They wanted a hole.

Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes – NOT information about drills!” – Perry Marshall.

This Concept Is The Foundation Of A Revolutionary Approach To Network Marketing I Call “Magnetic Sponsoring™”

Magnetic Sponsoring™ is about becoming the hunted instead of the hunter. It’s about attracting your business to you, instead of chasing after it. It’s about getting PAID to prospect, instead of spending yourself broke on worthless leads. It’s about the proper use of marketing to position yourself as an expert instead of a common peddler.

Here’s the deal…

The first thing you and your business needs is a never-ending line of top quality people who are looking to join your team or buy your product, but…

Your first problem, is that everyone sees you as a sales person trying to get your hands into their pockets, or a head-hunter for the next mlm/pyramid/Amway meeting.

Hear that giant sucking sound?

That’s your second problem. It’s the sound of the MLM Lead companies sucking your hard earned money right out of your pockets like a Hoover.

Your only cold-market options up to this point have been to chase after expensive “leads” you buy from the greedy lead companies who are making a fortune off your ignorance and lack of experience, (I was one of their victims for years), or making 100-200 cold calls to genealogy lists all day.

Your third problem is that these leads don’t really know you. Don’t really trust you. And don’t really understand the value of what you’re offering – and now it’s up to you to try and sell them on it, even though you’re not a sales person…


Personally, I hate selling. I simply can’t stand it, and I’ll bet you probably feel the same way, but that’s just a guess.

If so, that’s ok.

In fact that’s a great thing if you practice the art of Magnetic Sponsoring because Magnetic Sponsoring is not about sales… It’s about MARKETING, and there is a MASSIVE difference between the two!

You see, marketing is a process which enables people to sell themselves which is KEY to your success because people never want what’s forced on them.

“Success” is When You Get The Customer To Come To You First…

…through your marketing – and then keep him coming your way until the order comes in, because the minute you start chasing him, the whole thing falls apart.

Magnetic Sponsoring™ represents much more than your standard company website, tools, or “system”. It’s a philosophy. It’s an intricate web of online and offline technology, tools, and strategies that are all woven together and designed to draw people into your world almost hypnotically.

It turns your little MLM business into a real, living, breathing, prospect-producing, money-making franchise with all the right pieces, in all the right places, doing all the right things.

Does it work? Does it make a difference?

Yes… a big difference. Once I started to implement these new Magnetic Sponsoring™ strategies, my little struggling MLM business and my life changed dramatically…

Money started to flood into my bank account – DAILY. People from around the world literally started calling me to join my organization or purchase my product! It was simply amazing!

4 months later I was able to quit my day job and enjoy the money and “lifestyle” that is talked about so much in this industry, yet rarely achieved.

And Now I’d Like To Share My Success And My Secrets With You.

Today I’m going to give you an opportunity to learn the exact same Magnetic Sponsoring™ strategies and techniques I’ve used that will allow anyone in ANY company (even Amway!), to achieve virtually instant profit and success in network marketing, without having to be a fearless “sales person”, or “industry guru” with deep pockets.

Here’s Exactly What I’ll Show You How To Do In The Pages Of Magnetic Sponsoring:

“Hi Mike,I wanted to share my results with you after reading your book, but let me first tell you how I was marketing before reading your material. I started out by making cold calls genealogy leads. I was making at least 100 dials a day and when I did get to speak with someone I was told NO at least 70 percent of the time. I did find a few business builders using this method. The problem is the people in my downline could not use the same system.

As time went on we started teaching people to call Biz-op leads and driving business opportunity seekers to a website. Needless to say that was a disaster. All my downline got from that was an empty pocket book..

After buying your book, I implemented one of your strategies 27 days ago just for a test. Here are my results:

I generated 404 of my own leads for free. And Mike, I work 10 hour days in my full time job right now, so I haven’t been able to call more than half of them yet!

I have personally sponsored 5 new distributors and made $1,020 dollars in that time period.

The best part about this, is that I’m not having to sell people on my business and I’m spending half the time and effort to get the same results. They sell themselves just like you said!

Your strategy has increased my productive output by at least 200%. Going full-time in Network Marketing is just around the corner using just one of your strategies.

404 leads, 5 new reps, and $1,020 in 27 days for the crumbs I bought this book for! LOL! Where was this 5 years ago!?

Thank you so much.

-Eric Funston”


Listen To Me And Listen Carefully…

I use to wait tables.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize this is how you REALLY build large downlines quickly in network marketing. You work smart and attract your business partners and your customers right to your doorstep with credit card in hand.

The good news is that I spent the last 3 months putting all of the Magnetic Sponsoring™ strategies, techniques, and know-how I used to build a six-figure business in just 4 months onto paper, and for the first time ever, I’m going to give you the opportunity to have it handed over to you on a silver platter.

Imagine knowing…

  • How to make $500-$1,000 your very first month in business and create dozens of free leads, even if you don’t sponsor a single person into your opportunity! *Earnings Disclaimer
  • How to create a Magnetic Sponsoring™ follow up email campaign so seductive that it will drive money and leads into your business like a champ whether you’re at work or on the 18th hole.
  • How to magnetically attract your customers to you, so that you don’t have to chase them down like a common street peddler.
  • Discover the one and only lead broker in the industry that can provide you with the contact information of other network marketers and people who are buying information on network marketing! (NO! I am NOT talking about genealogy lists!!!)
  • The detailed answer to this question: “Mike, what do I need to do to take my business to the top? I want to make six figures within 18 months or sooner. What do I need to do?”
  • How to create a “Magnetic Personality” that will attract your prospects, teammates, and even members of the opposite sex to you instantly…
  • Look over my shoulder as I dissect 6 of the best and worst Google ads seen in the industry in 2004 and then let me show you how to create your own money making “winner”.
  • How to build a rolodex of THOUSANDS of other network marketers who will learn to trust you, like you, and join you… All without having to make a single phone or spamming.
  • Discover the 6 imbedded human characteristics that motivate every single decision your prospects make, and how to use this knowledge to your advantage.
  • Learn the 5 part formula for creating Magnetic ads and sales letters that will pull your readers into a “buying trance”, and then triggers a genetic response which leaves them with no choice except to buy your product!
  • How to get your leads to PAY YOU before you even talk to them.
  • How to achieve 100% duplication within your growing organization so you can create hundred’s of successful business partners that work as one, rock-solid team.
  • The one and only way to get rid of all the “$0.00’s” in your business’ genealogy report and increase the length of time people continue to order your product and stay in your business.
  • Learn the difference between “sorting” and “selling”, and why only fools sell! < — The biggest rookie mistake of them all!
  • Why the fastest way to achieve massive success is to stop promoting your opportunity.
  • How to turn your retail customers into loyal new business partners for your primary mlm opportunity virtually without effort! (They will ask to join you!)
  • If you haven’t chosen a company to partner with, I’ll show you how to pick the right company for maximum profit and longevity so you can avoid the mistakes I made and make sure that your time, money, and efforts are well invested. (100% generic info and insight!)
  • How to recognize the difference between a product that creates fanatical, life long customers, and those that will eventually lead your business to a major “do over”.
  • Discover the 9 characteristics that every single 6 and 7 figure earner in this industry has in common, and how to integrate them into your business over night.
  • Learn why trying to advertise your opportunity will suck your bank account dry faster than you can say “big expensive mistake”, which is exactly what that is!
  • The only sure-fire way to make a TON of money in the “warm market”, without having to join the No Friends Left Club, and why you CAN NOT build a successful business without it!
  • Know the top 8 mistakes every new business owner makes that will sink your business in the blink of an eye, so you can avoid them at all costs because if you make just one, your business is toast!
  • How to start building a MASSIVE opt-in list of loyal subscribers with the principles of Magnetic Sponsoring. (Did you know this is your single most valuable asset as a marketer!?)

bradomain“If you’re looking for cutting edge strategies and time tested information about what it REALLY takes to make it in network marketing long-term, Magnetic Sponsoring delivers!

Mike has a way of taking complex strategies and reducing them down to the most simplistic explanation of how they work in the real world.

Even though I’ve gone on to earn an annual 6-figure income in networking, I wish I had this information 5 years ago because it would have saved me a ton of lost time, money, and relationships.”

-Brad Weinman



“After reading the book twice, implementing the information that was given, (especially in Chapter 6), I sponsored 4 reps in 10 days, making my first month using your Magnetic techniques the best ever!

Magnetic has helped me learn what the right people are ACTUALLY looking for, where to find them, and how to make money while prospecting instead of spending it.

I’ve never seen ANYTHING like Magnetic Sponsoring anywhere before. This is truly revolutionary stuff Mike… Thanks again!”

-Mike Boggs



“I have been involved with this industry for about 4 years and have always found it to be a challenge to sponsor new reps on a consistent month to month basis.

I was with my first company for about 2 years and during that time frame I sponsored a total of 7 reps.

I have been with my current company for about 6 months and have personally sponsored a total of 23 reps and my group has grown to over 150 people in this time frame.

Without the insights I’ve gained from Magnetic Sponsoring I would still be struggling day in and day out trying to get local friends and family to take a look at my business opportunity. If you take this knowledge and apply it to your business your sponsoring will dramatically increase.”

-Todd Vanderhoff



“Hey Mike, I picked up your Magnetic Sponsoring Course last week and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I have been in the industry now for 5 years as a trainer and personally sponsored over 250 reps last year, so I am a pretty harsh critic when I buy training courses.

All I can say is that you left me speechless… This was an eye opening experience to say the least and it has inspired me to expand my business into several of the new areas you talk about. Thanks again!”

-Mark Wieser



There Is No Doubt That Magnetic Sponsoring™ Will Change The Way You Do Business In This Industry Forever.

The lucky individuals who have studied the pages of the Magnetic Sponsoring™ have walked away as real-life, real-world master network marketers with the ability to take any business and create money at will.

Within these 54 pages, I cover absolutely every element that goes into creating a winning network marketing business, follow up campaigns, plus my offline ads and sales letter secrets.

Loads of examples, a bulging chapter on Funded Proposals, and every trick in the book I use to consistently create tons of cash flow and hundreds of free leads which allows me to knock out the competition and live life on my own terms.

As you consume these priceless jewels of insight, you will begin to see how they can make a dramatic impact on your business whether you are a seasoned vet, or just getting started.

It makes absolutely no difference what product you promote or company you represent. With the strategies you’ll learn inside the Magnetic Sponsoring™ course, your business is poised for record-breaking growth! But first, here are the…

3 Questions You Want to Ask, And The Answers:

1: “Mike, is this for real? Can I do the same in my business? Am I really going to learn the step-by-step system you used to go from a ‘MLM Doofus’, to building a multiple 6-figure income within months?”

Answer: Yes!

2: “Mike, is this some book I buy now, and then have to buy and even more expensive one to get the rest of your secrets?” 

Answer: Absolutely not. It’s all there waiting for you in one place.

3: “Mike, don’t you have an e-book version I can download?”

Answer: The book comes in a physical form only. I want to give you something real, that you can touch, hold, and hi-light as you build your empire.

Remember, I have done all the work for you. I have paid the price and learned what works like gang-busters and what will suck you down into the work-at-home-abyss.

Once you have the secrets of Magnetic Sponsoring™, they are yours forever… No one will ever be able to take them from you.

I can promise you that once you see how easy and profitable it is to build your business with these strategies, you’ll never be willing to build your business any other way again which means you’ll probably be shocked at the incredibly low price I’m practically giving it away at…

Forget Over-Priced $1,000, $500, $100, Or Even $50 ‘Me To’ Training Courses With The Same Recycled Garbage.

The truth is, I could sell Magnetic Sponsoring for that much and it would be a steal because it’s not theory or “self-help” stuff found everywhere else. It’s the real thing. But like I said, I’m going to set a new standard in this industry.

In fact, I’m going to make you an offer so incredible and so generous, you would have to be be slightly insane to pass it up.

When You Order Magnetic Sponsoring, You’re Going To Get A TON Of Incredible Information You Simply Can’t Find Anywhere Else:


The Full Magnetic Sponsoring Course:

With over 11 Chapters and 54 pages of revolutionary info that will show you EXACTLY how I went from waiting tables, to creating a six-figure business in less than 4 months.

You will NEVER look at network marketing the same way again once you master the art of Magnetic Sponsoring™ and learn how to attract your prospects and cash to you.


The “Behind Closed Doors” Online CD:

You’ll be amazed at the “attraction marketing” secrets you’ll learn in this candid interview with Mike Dillard as he reveals the behind the scenes strategies that have allowed him to make up to $87,000 cash in less than 10 days using a simple technique that ANYONE can take advantage of.

You don’t even have to wait for this incredible information because this audio is a downloadable MP3 file that you’ll be able to access as soon as your order is processed!

Hi-Jack My System For Free!:

NEW! Now when you purchase your copy of Magnetic Sponsoring, you’ll get free, instant access to the Magnetic Sponsoring Lead Generation And Affiliate System! Once $19.95 per month, Network Marketing’s #1 funded-proposal system is now free for course owners!

Partner up with the Magnetic Sponsoring Crew and use our system to generate instant leads for your MLM business, and make BIG $ when they buy any of our products!

(Shhhh…! Don’t tell anyone, but your back-office is LOADED with pages of Mike’s secret training documents that aren’t available anywhere else, and now they’re yours!)


13 Free Magnetic Sponsoring Bonus Reports

A hard copy of the famous Magnetic Sponsoring Course will be sent to you via Priority Mail, but as soon as your order is processed, you’ll get instant access to these 13 Special Bonus Reports totaling 52 pages!

Here are just three of the reports you’ll be getting instant access to:

1: Killer Ads: My secret formula to creating killer advertisements. (Even includes my Personal Top 10 ads! (The information in this report alone has been worth a small fortune!)

2: Getting Your Reps Started: Recruiting is easy. Getting them started is the crucial part. Learn how to get your reps started right so they see fast results.

3: Develop a Magnetic Personality: Discover the psychological secret that allows certain people to attract wealth, business, success, and even members of the opposite sex to them like a magnet!

And these are just the tip of the ice-burg! There are 10 More Free Bonus Reports waiting for your immediate download!


The “MLM Domain Secrets Ebook” with free distribution rights. In these content packed 16 pages, you’re going to learn everything you never knew about registering a domain name for your home business, (and there’s more to it than you think!)

Discover how to select a domain name that the search engines will LOVE, and increase your chances of getting a top result at Google and Yahoo.

Then learn how to protect yourself and your domain name from traffic stealing, money mooching competitors, (this one piece of information alone has saved me tens-of-thousands of dollars a year), and much, much more!

6097094-100-percent-satisfaction-gurantee-label-Stock-Photo-satisfaction-guarantee-guaranteed A 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely blown away with the course and bonus material, simply send back Magnetic Sponsoring anytime within the next 90 days for a full and immediate, no questions asked refund.

You can even keep the bonus materials as a “thank you”, for giving us an opportunity to serve you and your business.

ups Prompt UPS Shipping – Every order is shipped via UPS with tracking in the United States to ensure you package arrives promptly. International orders are sent via US Global Priority mail for speedy delivery at a low cost.


Now Here’s The Best Part…

All of this incredible information isn’t going to cost you hundreds of dollars. Yes, it would still be an incredible bargain at that price but,

…The truth is, you can get your very own copy of the revolutionary Magnetic Sponsoring™ Course, the “Behind Closed Doors” audio interview, the “13 Bonus Reports”, and a copy of “MLM Domain Secrets” right now for only $37.00.

Combined, that’s over 121 pages of incredible content that shows you exactly how I took a failing, crippled, money-sucking MLM venture and turned it into a six-figure income in just four months, for under $40 bucks.

Just think… For LESS than the price of 10 (supposedly live) leads, you can own the entire Magnetic Sponsoring™ course forever! You’ll never have to pay for leads again, and you’ll never have to become a slick recruiter or sales person!

And like I said, this even works for guys still stuck in Amway.

“The Magnetic Sponsoring Course Teaches You How To Attract Endless New Leads, Distributors, And Customers To You!”


Click Here To Order Now For Only $37.00. All Orders Come With A 90-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Here Is My Personal Promise To You:

This book is unlike anything you have ever read before. It will absolutely change the way you do business in network marketing forever, or just send it back and I’ll gladly send you a refund.

Remember, I found success when I stopped doing the things I’ve read about in so many other books – probably the things you are doing right now, so don’t let this unique opportunity pass you by.


To get your copy, Click Here to order right now with our encrypted Secure Server, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and your copy of Magnetic Sponsoring™ will be sent to you via UPS Ground immediately which will allow us to ensure your package arrives promptly with the provided 24/7 tracking.



Mike Dillard


P.S. I just want to make sure you understand how significant Magnetic Sponsoring is to your career as a small business owner. If you’re tired of spinning your wheels and throwing money down the drain, you simply can’t afford to go a single day longer without the strategies contained within the Magnetic Sponsoring™ Course. Just look what it did for a punk kid waiting tables!

P.S.S. The course will always be backed by my 100%, 90 day money back guarantee because I know how powerful the information is, but understand that the incredibly low introductory price is temporary, so pick up your copy of Magnetic Sponsoring now before I it’s too late.

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