Matthew Layman

“Mike has been mentoring me in the entrepreneur space since 2010 and he’s become a dear friend and client as well, Mike is a lid lifter and paradigm shifter Mike has helped me rewire my beliefs and emotions when it comes to success, abundance, money, and being a conscious entrepreneur. When first met Mike I was starting over as an entrepreneur in the Real Estate space hungry and humbled. I could hardly pay my bills and one point almost lost my house to foreclosure fast forward to today.

I just had my first month where I profited six figures which had been a big goal for me, made the elite 10 of top performing real estate agents in my firm which has offices in South lake, Plano, Denver, & Tulsa, in talks to have my own realty tv show around real estate, and working on a $140mil luxury real estate project. l also just picked up my dream car a Shelby Cobra which was a bucket list of mine for a while, have prosperity to invest in cash flow real estate and money left over to pursue my passions within fitness and travel. My life is commpletely 180 degrees different with Mike’s mentorship and coaching. Work with Mike – it wil be one of the most profound life changing experiences you could ever make!”

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