Pete Reese

“Hey Mike, I just thought I would drop you a quick note. I’ve been following along with your emails for a couple of years, and just wanted to let you know that you’ve had a big impact on my life, and I’m sure you’ve had no idea! I think we’re one of the pictures of happy families hanging on your wall… Haha!

Anyhow, in early 2017 I was searching for a way to take my wife’s successful blog and expand it into a course to teach other bloggers. I was in real estate for 10+ years, owned our own brokerage and was burnt out. SoI decided to get out and focus all my efforts on growing my wife’s business.

I stumbled upon your webinar from a Facebook ad about building your email list and something just clicked for me. Your concept of building your list by generating income to offset the list building was genius. I took theidea, ran with it, and in our second year (2018) we did about $2.4 Million in revenue through a combination of affiliate income and our own online courses that we developed.

I spent about $1,000,000 last year on Facebook ads and the affiliate income that we generate on the top of the funnel covers the list building.

We now have an email list of over 250,000 people, a Facebook group of 130,000 and more as a result of the list building efforts. We’re scaling further this year, and without watching your webinar that day, who knows if I would ever have ever figured that out on my own.

Not to mention all of the people we’ve helped get started with their own new blogs and online businesses as a result.

Just wanted to say THANKS!”

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