Steven Bransfield

“My name is Steven Bransfield and I’m 22 years old. In January I found Mike Dillard Mentoring and it changed my life forever. I didn’t know anything about internet marketing back then but you opened up my mind to the possibilities of selling products online.

At the time I was a sophomore in college and it was around then when you posted an ad looking for the ultimate “rockstar” assistant which I applied for.

I knew that if I wanted to become successful I needed to find a mentor, someone like yourself, to help me fast track my success.

Unfortunately I was not accepted for the role. However, it did lead me down a new path that changed my life forever…

I started my own business, and in less than two years, I just had my first $100,000 month. This is a huge achievement for me and I wanted to personally email you to thank you for getting me started in the world of online marketing.

Mike Dillard Mentoring changed the course of my life forever and this year as a result I will go on to earn my first million dollars at just 22 years old.

Thank you so much for all the information you’ve provided to me & I look forward to meeting you someday. Much thanks!”

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